Markets shrug off Evergrande default fears – for now

All eyes on the China as the threat of contagion risk looms

Bitcoin’s mission towards the moon continues

At $18.7k it appeared over-extended last November. Now above $57k it’s surely seeing a short-term blow-off top.

Bond yields reach a 12-month high as murmurs of inflation grow

With U.S. stimulus expected to be passed by the end of February, investors see inflation on the horizon and are positioning accordingly

GameStop: Finance just got weaponised

Business as (anything but) usual

Treasury yields hold on to recent gains as Biden unveils $1.9tn stimulus plan

Yields may have risen in recent weeks, but looks doubtful to continue beyond the short-term

Hummingbird Resources and a review of 2020

Q4 2020 review – I took an opening position in Hummingbird Resources to gain some gold exposure

January Effect out in full force as Bitcoin reaches $40k

Europe back in lockdown and economic cracks begin to appear, but making hay while the sun shines remains order of the day

Latest report sees “cliff edge” of insolvencies approaching

The latest Group of Thirty report paints a grim outlook for 2021 as the S&P signals a warning

October GDP figures paint gloomy picture for UK economy

With UK GDP figures now showing 4 straight months of declining growth the immediate recovery appears to be running out of steam

Vaccine rollout begins as the case for gold only get stronger

Plenty for markets to be optimistic about as the vaccine rollout begins as conditions keep aligning for gold.

Oil reaches 9-month high as hopes of recovery continue

Oil jumps 8% reaching a 9-month high as hopes of a recovery gather pace despite gloomy economic forecasts.

Markets consolidate on hopes of a vaccine as the bitcoin breaks out continues.

Markets hold their ground, and the dollar and gold remain weak as vaccine hopes rise. The main headline though this week is bitcoin; up nearly 40% since the start of November.